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vanessa galati-drew

Back And Menstrual Pain Relief

Nothing relieves my back pain and menstrual cramps quite like my biomat.  I use my biomat pro at home and my biomat mini at work and on trips.  The biomat also puts me in a way better mindset which helps me in all areas of my life.  I love it!!! Thank you!!!

Vanessa Galati-Drew
tracey wright 2

Better Sleep

The biomat allows me to have quality sleep which I couldn’t  seem to get before I owned one. I didn’t feel rested in the morning and now I do thanks to the biomat. With that good quality sleep there is a level of healing that continues to take place in my body. I feel a lot healthier and alive and have a ton more energy for my day.

Tracy Wright
jeniffer scott

Improved Recovery After Doing Excercise Or Yoga

 I love my BioMat especially when I am sore from working out or doing yoga.  It cuts my recovery time in 1/2 or better.

Jennifer Scott
GiGi Gotfried

Perfect For Stress Relief

 I am a retired nurse and my husband is a retired surgeon.  We know all too well how stress affects health and life and the BioMat is a natural solution to offset these negative effects.  Our sense of healthy wellbeing has skyrocketed the last few years our family has been using the BioMat.

Susan Lee
Melissa Arnold

Enhances Clinical Healing Results

We use several BioMats in our integrated medical clinic because it helps people heal, plain and simple.  It’s the ultimate support to any autoimmune or metabolic protocol we might give our patients and we see incredibly better results as compared to administering our protocols without the use of a BioMat.

Dr. Melissa Arnold
debbi continelli

My Clients Love It

My clients call it the ‘magic carpet’ because of how good they feel on it.

Debbie Continelli
sonya sullins

Warms Me Up On Cold Winter Days

When the Wisconson winter hits I used to feel chilled to the bone, that is until I got a BioMat!!!  Not only do I get to completely warmed up when I lay on my BioMat, but the effects last through the day.  It’s also helped my overall health dramatically.

Sonya Sullins
michael stern

Mini BioMat Is Great For Travel

I love my full size BioMat Professional, but I travel a lot and sometimes it was difficult to take along. Since I got my Mini BioMat, I can get the benefits of the BioMat no matter where I go. Plus, I’ve discovered the great effects from lying on my BioMat Professional on my back and putting the Mini over my torso.

Dr. Michael Stern