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Waterproof Cover


Protect Your BioMat Professional or Mini BioMat

The perfect way to protect your BioMat from water, dirt, sweat, oils, lotions and other similar substances.

Designed for use with the BioMat Professional 7000MX or Mini BioMat 7000MX

If you use your BioMat Professional or Mini BioMat in a therapeutic situation where oils and lotions are used or if you use your Professional or Mini mat to induce therapeutic sweats, you’ll need a Waterproof Cover to protect your mat.

This cover does not interfere with the far infrared or negative ion effects ot the BioMat. It’s designed to be used simultaneously over the standard cotton cover, and, like the cover is completely machine washable.

The Waterproof Cover is only available in the BioMat Professional and Mini BioMat sizes.

BioMats Are FDA Approved Medical Devices

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