Amethyst and Tourmaline Healing Far Infrared Technology
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Expedited Shipping


    Get Your BioMat Products Faster

    Expedited Shipping is available for selected Richway BioMat products for a nominal cost as shown at the bottom of the page. IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS OR DON’T SEE YOUR PRODUCT LISTED, PLEASE CALL US.

    Select the product you want to purchase expedited shipping for from the list below following these simple instructions. The price displayed is added to the standard shipping cost.

    If you are purchasing 1 BioMat product

    Select the product from the list below

    If you are purchasing more than 1 of the same BioMat product

    Select the product from the list below and select the correct quantity that you want expedited shipping for. It can be different than the total products you purchase if, for example, you want to receive 1 product quickly and 1 product later.

    If you are purchasing 2 or more different BioMat products

    Select EXPEDITED SHIPPING from the menu bar at the top of the screen several times and buy whatever expedited shipping you want. Make sure you see an Expedited Shipping item for each product you want to get faster… or better yet, call us and let us help you work out your expedited shipping costs.

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