The perfect therapeutic enhancement

BioMats are perfect for any therapeutic environment. To mention a few…

  • massage therapy
  • acupuncture
  • chiropractic
  • physical therapy

Having your clients rest on a BioMat will improve their circulation, loosen their muscles, and help them relax. They will enjoy the BioMat like a turbo-charged hot stone massage.

You can have them lay on the BioMat while you are present doing other types of therapy or you can let them simply rest on the BioMat while you are giving personal attention to other clients. They will get fantastic benefits and feel immediate results just by resting on the mat. BioMats are simple to use and present very few safety concerns for you or your clients.

The PROFESSIONAL 700MX is designed to fit perfectly on a standard-sized massage table. If you visit clients outside your office, they are easy to transport in their rolling travel case.

…and as a healthcare professional you qualify for a $100 discount on every PROFESSIONAL 7000MX you purchase.