Crystal Healing With Amethyst And Tourmaline Enhanced Far Infrared And Negative Ion Technology 

Far Infrared And Negative Ion Healing

The healing effects of far infrared and negative ions are enhanced with amethyst crystals, known for their calming and healing effects since ancient times. The “Amethyst Effect ” was scientifically demonstrated during spectral analysis to create unique changes in far infrared light. 

Far Infrared

In general, infrared is a group of frequencies of electromagnetic radiation that is associated with heat. Far infrared refers to the lower spectrum of infrared frequencies.

According to NASA research, Far Infrared normalizes a variety of important physiological functions, especially hormonal functions. Far Infrared rays infuse deeply into the body’s tissues to provide a uniform healing and warming effect.

Negative Ions

 Negative ions help purify and clean the body’s systems. They effectively counteract the oxidizing effects of free radicals and can enhance mood and alertness by increasing levels of serotonin in your body.


EMF is electromagnetic radiation. There are a wide range of electromagnetic frequencies ranging from the low frequency alternating current (AC) found in homes to radio waves, to microwaves, to light, and to x-rays. Harm from EMF is influenced by both the frequency and the intensity of the EMF. For example, high intensity x-rays and microwaves have been should in research to be harmful (click here for more information). There is conflicting information about low intensity and low frequency EMF, particularly very low frequencies like the 60 HZ home current (click here for more information). Of course, the conservative, cautious approach is to simply avoid AC whenever possible.

10 Key Benefits Of Amethyst Crystals And Far Infrared

  • Far-infrared radiation is known to support healthy cell growth and regeneration. Scientific studies have shown that increasing infrared radiation may correspondingly increase energy levels in the body. 
  • The low level of heat emitted by amethyst crystals may help provide a sense of calm for the body, providing favorable effects for supporting a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Far-infrared radiation increases circulation, and it can promote wound healing by providing cells with the nutrients they require to repair themselves. Far-infrared radiation can also promote repair mechanisms in skin tissue. Skin damage related to chronic and acute conditions and reconstructive surgeries may also benefit from amethyst.
  • Far-infrared radiation can aid in inhibiting bacterial growth by hindering the actions of certain growth-promoting enzymes. Scientists have found that it is far-infrared radiation specifically, and not merely the heat, that inhibits the growth of some bacteria in the body. Regular heat therapy doesn’t seem to offer the same effect.
  • For injuries, such as strains or sprains, or other soft tissue injuries, heat is the best treatment. Far-infrared radiation has been shown to aid blood circulation, particularly microcirculation among the capillaries in the skin. Recent studies show that it’s the radiation itself contributed to circulation not just the heat.
  • Far-infrared radiation increases the flexibility of blood vessels and may support the regulation of many types of fluid transportation throughout the entire body.
  • Research shows amethyst enhanced far-infrared radiation may promote antioxidant activity within the body.
  • Amethyst generated negative ions appear to attract toxic particles and remove them from the body.
  • Negative ions have the power to draw out toxic particles from the body and may aid in respiration by removing these particles from the lungs. This could aid those with allergies or respiratory conditions. 
  • Many people have low body temperatures without considering if this could be related to other health problems. Far-infrared can maintain the proper core body temperature
negative ions in waterfall

The negative ion effect is like the refreshed feelings you get around moving water

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Tourmaline in Richway Biomat

Amethyst and Tourmaline crystals enhance far infrared and negative ion effects